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It's so sad that this needs to be a post.

What if I’m in my patrol vehicle? 😉

Please do. I’ve always wanted to run a 5”supply line thru a cars windows with the leaking coupling right in the middle.🤣

Damned inconsiderate jackasses don't care about this or disabled parking. They feel they are more important and screw those who don't like it. I say give them a $400 ticket.

Incredible photos of a St. Louis Fire Department St. Louis Firefighters Local 73 member reviving child rescued from fire. Four children pulled from blaze. Full story: www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/photos-firefighters-rescue-four-children-from-burnin... ... See MoreSee Less

Incredible photos of a St. Louis Fire Department St. Louis Firefighters Local 73 member reviving child rescued from fire. Four children pulled from blaze.  Full story: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/photos-firefighters-rescue-four-children-from-burning-apartment/collection_feffc48f-57e0-507d-bc67-2e7b3ae94b76.htmlImage attachmentImage attachment


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God bless first responders. They never know what they are walking into, but pray that they will walk out.

Where would we be without dedicated firefighters? God Bless you all.

God bless ALL First Responders. Fire, Police, EMT

Heros! All of them. So grateful for the firefighters in this world.

Firefighters are not unlike those in the military, never knowing if they will still be with us at tbe end of the day yet, they put the lives and welfare of others before their own. When you take time to pray to keep men and women of the military include the firefighters

God Bless all you guys!

Thanks!!!!!!,you are my Hero!!!!!.


They need better equipment



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Unbelievably sad.

Firefighters Helping Firefighters
More information on the tragic lose of a Firefighters family. Please pray for the family and the eternal Souls of the children.

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Omg...so sad my heart goes out to the family

This is heartbreaking! I'm so sorry for your loss and am remembering you in my prayers daily.💔

Seek comfort in knowing your children are now seeing Jesus face to face and are experiencing His awesome love and Joy beyond all imagination by earthly standards. Jesus said He who believes in me will have eternal life. I go now to prepare a place for you so that where I am you to show also be. Our tears will be turned into laughter. We pray for Strength, comfort, courage, faith and trust for the family to endure this nightmare of nightmares

This is absolutely tragic. Prayers for him and all firefighters. I’m lighting a healing candle for him. Be safe.

Oh no! My heart breaks!

All that can be sais has been said here. I can ass nothing except more prayers for your family

So sad.

So heartbreaking 😢.

So sad. 🙏🙏🙏



Cannot even wrap my head around this one. What a tragedy 😥

Sadness fill me

💔💔💔💔💔 Heart shattering


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