Due to COVID-19 restrictions starting back in 2020, we’ve needed to make significant changes to our normal operations.


The Toys for Tots Program is a well known toy collection campaign put on by the United States Marine Corps and is a registered trademark of the United States Marine Corp Reserves.  That program was the impetus for what has become the Menlo Park Firefighter Associations’ Annual Toy and Food Drive.

Our Association was a collection point for the Marines from the late 60’s until two of our members, Fire Captains Brad Steiger (USMC) and John Rohrer (USN), became heavily involved in 1979. In 1984, the Association’s Toy Drive stepped out on its own under the leadership of Ray Abel (USMC). It is important to recognize that the Toy Drive has operated on it’s own for four decades, is an effort of all Association Members and has the full support of the Fire District.

The Association normally collects toys, books, stuffed animals, food and monetary donations. We have used Saint Anthony’s Church, Stanford Hospital, the Menlo Park VA Hospital, Second Harvest Food Bank, Ecumenical Hunger Program and the Ronald McDonald House in the past to distribute the holiday charity.

In a typical year, the fortunate recipients included; patients on two floors of Stanford Children’s Hospital, 500 children at the Menlo Park VA Hospital, 850 – 1500 children receive toys at Saint Anthony’s on Christmas Eve, almost 500 children on Christmas Day at St. Anthony’s, and the Second Harvest Food Bank normally receives 20 barrels of food which aids in their efforts to provide a Holiday meal to members of our community.  Last Year due to COVID-19, our efforts were limited to approximately 800 children through Saint Anthony’s Church and the Menlo Park VA.


The manner in which we normally collect, sort and organize the toys and food is very labor intensive and involves a lot of hands to get everything where it needs to go.  In addition, the labor needed to distribute the donations and the crowds that gather to receive the toys and food are significant. This system is obviously not acceptable with the current restrictions due to COVID-19.


We have a solution to both of our issues and it involves scaling down our operation and making it more in line with the ‘Family Giving Tree’ for toys and limited to monetary donations for food.

For Food

In years past we have collected thousands of pounds of food for Second Harvest Food Bank.  They allow us to utilize their barrels to collect both Toys and Food so we do not have to store the barrels at the end of every season.  This year Second Harvest will not be providing barrels due to COVID-19 concerns.  Because of this all donations for food will be made through the following website address: https://impact.shfb.org/MenloParkFirefightersFoodDrive2022

For Toys

We want to implement a model similar to the ‘Family Giving Tree’.  Over the past 3 weeks our partners at Saint Anthony’s Church, Saint Francis of Assisi Church and Macedonia Church have been working diligently to create a list of children in need.

If you or your business chooses to participate this year, we need to know how many children you will be able to sponsor.  Once we have that information, we will pair your business up with participants from our list.  You will be able to access the name, age, gender, and Christmas List of each child you choose to sponsor via our website.  If you choose to participate, we will need the toys to be delivered to one of our 7 Firehouses by December 16thEach child’s toys should be in a clear 55 gallon bag with the child’s name and assigned number clearly indicated.

Once we have the toys collected, we will be distributing them on December 19th, 20th and 21st by appointment only.


  1. Contact John Wurdinger or Tyler Estkowski @ [email protected] with how many children you wish to sponsor. You will be assigned a child on our website: https://www.iaff2400.org/menlotoydrive2022
  2. Purchase 3 toys from the child’s list, expect to spend $100-$120 (See Below)
  3. Package the gifts in a clear 55 gallon bag with the: Childs Name and Assigned Number clearly legible on a piece of paper inside the bag (we need to be able to see both the toys and child ID)
  4. Deliver the bag to one of Menlo Park Fire Districts 7 Firehouses by the 16thof December
    1. Station 1- 300 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park
    2. Station 2 – 2290 University Avenue, East Palo Alto
    3. Station 3 – 32 Almendral Ave, Atherton
    4. Station 4 – 3322 Alameda de los Pulgas, Menlo Park
    5. Station 5 – 4101 Fair Oaks Ave, Menlo Park
    6. Station 6 – 700 Oak Grove Ave, Menlo Park
    7. Station 77 – 1467 Chilco St, Menlo Park
  5. When you drop the toys off, please be mindful that due to COVID-19, the Firefighters are not allowed to have visitors in the firehouse.
  6. If you cannot purchase Toys and get them to one of our Firehouses, please make a tax deductible donation @  Fundraiser by Johnny Wu : Menlo Park Firefighters’ Toy Drive 2022 (Venmo) and your local firefighters will use those funds to fulfill a childs Christmas dreams.

    San Mateo County Firefighters Foundation Venmo QR Code


2022 Toy Drive

ID# First Name Sponsor Age Gender Clothing Size Gift 1 Gift 2 Gift 3 Interest 1 Interest 2
1 Erandi Garrett Family 2 Female 3T Target Gift Card – Baby Shark Toy/Clothing Toddler Bike Amazon gift card to buy her baby shark merchandise Princess Theme clothes
2 Denzel Garrett Family 14 Male N/A Target Gift Card Amazon Gift Card iTunes gift card Visa gift card Prefers gift cards
3 Adisen F. Hunt Family 12 Female Target Giftcard Amazon Gift Card iTunes gift card Visa gift card Preferred gift cards
4 Damian F. Hunt Family 10 Male 12-14 Target gift card Hoodie sweaters Soccer gear Soccer Reading
5 Angel F. Hunt Family 9 Male 10-12 Deamon slayer books Gift cards- target, game stop Anything basketball Reading anime Basketball
6 Sebastian McGraw Family 5 Male 7T Sonic Spider-Man Super Mario Books Target gift card
7 Arabella McGraw Family 8 Female 10 Notebooks, diaries Art supplies Gift cards- target, Claires Coloring, painting Playing soccer
8 Araceli McGraw Family 9 Male 10-12 Deamon slayer books Gift cards- target, game stop Anything basketball Reading anime Playing basketball
9 Jacqueline McGraw Family 14 Female Target Gift Card Amazon Gift Card Sephora Gift Card Ross Gift Card Visa Gift Card
10 Natalia Menard Family 12 Female Amazon Gift Card Target Gift Card Sephora Gift Carc Ross Gift Card Starbucks Gift Card
11 Miriam Menard Family 13 Female Girls clothes for 9years Barbies and LOL toys Sweater, socks sports and winter clothes / blankets Bicycle
12 Miguel Menard Family 13 Male Boy Clothes for 11 years, – Nike Soccer Sports balls, sweaters/sweatshirts sports and winter clothes / blankets Bicycle
13 Juan NEA 14 Male Bicicleta Nintendo switch juego (splatoon 3) Nintendo switch games
14 Luis NEA 10 Male L Bicicleta Nintendo switch Legos Beyblade
15 Enrique NEA 5 Male 14-16 Bicicleta Scooter Hot wheels
16 Fernando NEA 2 Male 10-12 Learning toys Cars Bicicleta
17 Iker NEA 9 Male 7-8 Pokemon cards transformers Hotwheels ID Pokemon cards Hotwheels ID
18 Asusena NEA 8 Male L in kids, Small in adult Dentist kit toy set Coloring books and markers Clothes Coloring baby dolls
19 Elias NEA 6 Male 6/7 Hot wheels Pokémon Rc car Soccer Pokémon
20 Abigail NEA 11 Female 14/16 Pokémon Art supplies Fidget toys Art Pokémon
21 Juan NEA 15 Male Legos Pokémon Rc car American football LEGOs
22 Gyanna Marie NEA 10 Female 14/16 Star wars legos Science kit Bicycle
23 Gonzalo NEA 8 Male Legos Video game Bicycle
24 Alexa NEA 4 Female 5/6 Bike Barbies Clothes Like to play doll house Peppa pig
25 Mia NEA 2 months Female 6 months-12 months Clothes Baby toys Pampers Baby toys Baby toys
26 Jose NEA 14 Male Men medium Legos Clothes Giftcards Bikes Videogames
27 Axel NEA 7 Male 8 Puzzles,dot to dot books, sensorial toys Gel pens, play dooh, activities books. Blocks Puzzles or ADHD SENSORIAL TOYS Sand o play dooh
28 Max NEA 14 Male 14 Sueters Shoes Ear pads Clothes Pans
29 Adan NEA 14 Male M 30×30 Hoodie Jeans Bicycle
30 Sarahi NEA 13 Female M size 5 or 6 Hoodies Baggy jeans Film camera
31 Yaired NEA 6 Female Small o para 7 años Muñeca que llore O casita para muñecas O ropa para muñecas
32 Gonzalo NEA 8 años Male Para 10 años es su talla PelotA O un carro de control O un bicleta
33 Yaired Bolanos Family 6 años Female 7 años es su talla Muñeca que llore O una bicicleta O una casita para muñecas O ropa para las muñecas
34 GonzalO Bolanos Family 8 años Male 10 años es su talla Pelota de fútbol O una bicicleta O un carro de control
35 Carlos Bolanos Family 7 Male
36 Dayza Bolanos Family 5 Female 7 Casa de barbies Bisicleta Cariola Casa de barbie Bicicleta
37 Jacob Stahl Family 13 Male Sweater Shirts 49ers Beanie Boxing Bike
38 Gabriel Stahl Family 12 Male 49er jersey Funko pop Shirts Football 49ers aiyuk Games
39 Sharelyn Stahl Family 12 Female 14 Electric scooter Hethrone markers OMG doll Sketching Riding a scooter
40 Zaida j Stahl Family 10 Female 10 Electric scooter Barbe house Paint kit Electric scooter Barbe house
41 Fernando Stahl Family 8 Male 10 Electric scooter Nintendo Mario game Nintendo Electric scooter
42 Emely Stahl Family 10 Female
43 Isabelle Stahl Family 4 Female Playdoh/slime Barbie My little pony Lol dolls Unicorns
44 Nicholas Stahl Family 6 months Male Anything for babies
45 Juan Stahl Family 12 Male Basketball Legos
46 Anais Stahl Family 11 Female 16-18 Lego de Minecraft abeja iPad Cámara fotográfica Dream youtooz Guitarra
47 Arisbey N. Hunt Family 9 Female Bicicleta Juegos de mesa Zapatos
48 Genesis N. Hunt Family 4 Female Toys Sweater Shoes Dolls Unicorns
49 Martin N. Hunt Family 3 Female 3T Paw Patrol Toys Paw Patrol Clothes Spider-Man toys or clothes Spider-Man Paw patrol
50 Jasmine N. Hunt Family 4 Female Toys Sweats Sweater Dolls Unicorns
51 Emily N. Hunt Family 11 Female Toys
52 Mario Nixon Family 7 Male Toys Toys Toys
53 Alan Nixon Family 6 Male Toys Toys Toys
54 Liam Nixon Family 1 Male Toys Toys Toys
55 Aileen Nixon Family 5 Female Size: 7 A baby doll house Pazzol or book A Gitar Hachimals A doll
56 Julien Nixon Family 3 Male Size 5T A car with control remote Basketball or football A jacket or sweater A jacket A control remote car
57 Gianna Nixon Family 1 Female 12-18 months old blanket or sweater A doll A toy for 1 year old Sweater A learning toy
58 Betssy Nixon Family 15 Female S (10-12) Stuffed Animals Blankets clothes
59 Brianna Nixon Family 7 Female 7 cash register play set NA! NA! NA! Surprise Camping Doll Bike
60 Joyce Nixon Family 4 Female (4-6) Coloring Supplies Stuffed Animals Dolls
61 Leylani Nixon Family 3 Female (3-5) Doctor or Cooking Toys Stuffed Animals Legos
62 Jurianna Station 3B 1 Female (18 months – 2 years old) Coloring Supplies Toys (any) Clothes
63 Freddy Station 3B 11 Male Medium or (14-16) Shoes Clothes Car Toys
64 Brithany Station 3B 13 Female S/M or (12-14) Makeup Clothes Stuffed Animals
65 Bryanna West Bay Sanitary District 15 Female Large or (14-16) Clothes Art Supplies Stuffed Animals
66 Andrew West Bay Sanitary District 7 Male 12-14 Nitendo Legos Dinosaurios Robox Pants
67 Ariany West Bay Sanitary District 9 Female 14-16 Lego Paint arts Dog man books Art Math
68 Fernando West Bay Sanitary District 3 Male 3T Cocomelon Mickey Mouse
69 Mateo Nixon Family 9 Male 14 Lego’s
70 Angel David Nixon Family 12 Male M adult size
71 Juan Nixon Family 12 Male Legos Basketball
72 Evelyn Morales Family 15 Female Legos Art
73 Kimberly Morales Family 9 Female Large 14 Juguetes Ropa Zapatos talla 4 Arte Computadora
74 Ashley Dennebaum Family 1 Female 24 meses Juguetes Ropa Zapato talla 24 meses Juego de aprendizaje Mamelucos de 24 meses
75 Anya Dennebaum Family 14 Female X large adult Bratz sweet heart Megan Calico critter panda family Gift card Doll Calico critters
76 Juan Dennebaum Family 16 Male XL adult Pokémon cards Hot wheels Gift card Hot wheel cars Pokemon
77 Yareth Dennebaum Family 10 Female Medium teenager size Calico critter Rainbow high doll Hello kitty Hello kitty Roblox
78 Dominic Dennebaum Family 10 Male He is size 14 he will like to get legos and dragon ball Z toys Legos Dragon ball z toys Drones
79 Miley Engine 6B 11 Female Size 15 16 2 2
80 Daniel Engine 6B 6 Male Size clothes 8 shoes size 2 El toro loco monster jam truck Monster jam truck toys Magna tiles Magna tiles El toro loco monster jam trucks
81 Eric Engine 6B 15 Male XL adult Gift card Bicycle Xbox Bicycle North face jacket
82 Yael Engine 6B 14 Male L adult Ear phones Gift card Bicycle Gifts card Earphones
83 Alvin Engine 6B 14 Male M adult North face jacket Jordan shoes size 9 Gift card Jacket Gift card
84 Aliah Engine 6B 18months Female 3tclothes. Shoes size 7 Dolls with sounds Frisher price princess castle Learning toys for gilr princess Dolls with stroller Frisherprice castle
85 Arianna Kerstin Johnson 12 Female 14 Cámara pro Gift card North face jacket Cámara pro Gift card
86 Loreley Morales Family 11 Female 14 Cámara pro Gift card North face jacket North face jacket Cámara pro
87 Adaly Morales Family 10 Female 12 Gift card American girl doll Nintendo switch American girl doll Nintendo switch
88 Keila Lookout Health 10 Female 12 Gift Nintendo switch American girl doll American girl doll Nintendo switch
89 Mathew Pickerell Family 11 Male Clothes size 12 shoes 5 boys Bicycle 24” Dragon ball z toys Black crocs size 5 kids Bicycle Crocs
90 Melissa Pickerell Family 15 Female X Small shirts. Size 2 jeans. Croc’s pink size 5 big kids Mimi mouse wallet Gift card Croc’s pink size 5 big kid’s Mimi mouse wallet
91 Fatima J. Martin Family 14 Female Air Force Nike white size 7 womens Crocs size 6 womens black Gift card shein Air Force Nikes white shoes 7 Shein gift card
92 Alejandra J. Martin Family 13 Female Squishmallows mini brands (any type) Roblox gift card Art (painting/coloring) Animals
93 Melissa J. Martin Family 12 Female 14 Shopkins Shoes Pennyboard Jewelery Art
94 Gael J. Martin Family 10 Male 14 shoes bicycle sweater sport
95 Yaritza J. Martin Family 13 Female Hello kitty stuff Makeup Clothes Anything Anything
96 Paulina O. Brown Family 9 year -3meses Female 10 Legos bicicleta legos Bicicleta
97 Ángel O. Brown Family 10 Male Legos Cars Toys Anything Anything
98 alexa Pritchard Family 3 Female Barbie’s Hello kitty stuff Baby’s Baby’s Hello kitty stuff
99 Genesis Pritchard Family 9 Female 12 Ropa Juguetes de lol . Muñecas Juegos de entretenimientos Juegos de aprendisajes
100 Brandon Starz Family 1 año 6 meses Male 18 a 24 meses Juguetes Ropa Car seat de edad 18 meses en adelante Cocomelon juegos Juegos de aprendisajes
101 Lexie Lookout Health 2 Female T3 Cocomelon Cualquier regalo confome a su edad Lo que les nazca Letras Numeros
102 Leia Lookout Health 3 Female 4 Disney princesses Make up dresser Dress up stuff/pretend make up Art, playdoh Dance, singing
103 Kylo Lookout Health 1 year old Male 24 months Elmo Animas( dogs, cats, cows, horses etc.) Bluey, Spider-Man Balls
104 Nicole Lookout Health 6 Female Size 10 Gift cards gift cards LOL Dolls clothing Dolls
105 Sara Lookout Health 7 Female 8 Unicorn Stuff Building toys/ magnetic building blocks My little pony Dance
106 Nicole ONE HOPE WINE 14 Female Target gift card Amazon gift card Jewelry Reading
107 Angel ONE HOPE WINE 11 Male 14_16 boy Juguetes Ropa Libros Legos Carros
108 Estefany Espinoza Family 4 Female T5 Muñecas Ropa Rompecabezas Libros Ganchos de cabello
109 Cadden Schneyder Family 11/21/13 Male 7 Visicleta y pelota Carro y tren y avion Cuvija y sueter y mucho juguetes mas
110 Axel 03/21/18 Male 5 Avion y bisicleta y tren Pelota carros y ropa Zapato covija y otros juguetes mas
111 Alexa Wallace Family 3 Female Size 6 Toys Shoes size 11 Gift card Gitf card Clothes size 6
112 Adilene T. Ramirez Family 12 Female Ring kit Bracelet kit Gift card Gift card
113 Marissa T. Ramirez Family 10 Female 2X youth or Medium adult Roblox Gift card Toys (slime)
114 Alexa T. Ramirez Family 7 Female 7 Patineta eléctrica Casita grande de monas Manualidades Cosas para peinar Muñecas
115 Zoey J. Martin Family 4 Female 6 or small youth Barbies, babies Gift card Doll house
116 Violeta J. Martin Family 4 Female 4 Carro grande Patineta Muñecas Manualidades Casa de monas
117 Monica J. Martin Family 10 Female 14 LoL
118 Juancarlos J. Martin Family 8 Male 8 Legos
119 Emmanuel J. Martin Family 6 Male 6 Paw Patrol
120 Jaslyn J. Martin Family 12 Female Juniors 00 xs, kids XL Microscope Squishmellow Purse Art Science
121 Isidro J. Martin Family 11 Male 12 Soccer ball Sweats Crocs (size 4) Soccer Dinosaurs
122 Jose Wegener Family 11 Male Bisicleta Patin Carro de control Bisicleta Patin
123 Natalia Wegener Family 8 Female M Squishmellow Make up Scooter Makeup/fashion Lounging
124 Jesus Wegener Family 11 Male 12 Bisicleta Patin Carro de control Bisicleta Patin
125 Erick Wurdinger Family 6 años Male Bicicleta Tablet Moto eletrico Carro eletrico Tren eletrico
126 Yadira Wurdinger Family 7 Female Bisicleta Patin Cocina Bisicleta Patin
127 Geronimo Wurdinger Family 2 Male Carro de control Patin Pista de carro Pista de carros Patin
128 Geronimo Wurdinger Family 2 Male Patin Pista de carros Carro de control Patin Pista de carros
129 Pedro Wurdinger Family 13 Male Carros de control Tablet Vicicleta Tren eletrico Juegos de pistolas
130 Valeria Wurdinger Family 11 Female 18 Muñeca eletrica Tableta Vicicleta Manualidades Barbie
131 Dania salas Wurdinger Family 8 años Female Pinaple coloring set Mini brand Paint
132 Sonia Wurdinger Family 7 años Female Cute note book Slime Bracelet set
133 Allison Wurdinger Family 4 Female T6-8 Encanto Minie Mouse dolls encanto encanto
134 Brandon Rodriguez Wurdinger Family 11 Male mediam adulit pokemon plushies piggy pushes pokemon sticker pokemon piggy
135 Victoria Stancil Family 2 Female 4 T Sofa de minnie mause Scooter Kids computer Muñecas que hablan Music book
136 Kevin Stancil Family 12 Male XL Legos Fuse beads Legos Legos Legos
137 Matthius Stancil Family 6 Male 6y or S Fuse beads spider man Legos Sight words books or flash cards Spiderman Math
138 Michael Stancil Family 6 años Male 6. S de niño Legos Fuse beads Muñecos de súper héroes Cartas de aprendizaje letras o numeros Legos
139 Aimee Stancil Family 14 Female 12 or small Frozen dolls(she has down syndrome ) Mermaid dolls Unicorn hair extantions Mermaids Beauty stuff
140 Angel Stancil Family 14 Male XL Legos Tarjetas de regalo Legos Ropa Chamarras
141 Angela Stancil Family 12 Female She’s a really big girl so she wears 13 or Large bottoms and Large tops Hairstyling products/ makeup products Nail art stuff Jewelry Hair styling/makeup products Nail products
142 Mia Stancil Family 3 Female 3T Barbies Cocomelon Barbie car Barbie Cocomelon
143 Nathan Estkowski Family 2 months Male 3-6 months Clothes 3-6 months Baby essentials Baby toys Clothes 3-6 Mon Baby essentials
144 Amanda Estkowski Family 10 Female # 2 Legos Mini brands Clothing
145 Amanda Estkowski Family 10 Female Size 10-12 Legos Mini brands Balon de fútbol Cosas de soccer Zapatos # 2.5
146 Aaliyah Estkowski Family 14 Female Target gift card Led Mirror Pink card Dance
147 Noel Estkowski Family 1 and a half Male Pants size 2T shirts 2T Toy race cars Stuff animals Slippers 30$ Target gift card Visa card 100$
148 Nancy Estkowski Family 7 Female 8-10 Bear blouses makeup game clothing clothing
149 Nancy Estkowski Family 7 Female 8-10 Bear blouses makeup game clothing clothing
150 Galilea Wegener Family 7 Female 8 Arts/crafts / Slime Unicorn stuff Magnetic building blocks Art
151 Emmanuel Wegener Family 12 Male M in Shirts. Size 7 in shoes. Toys. Bike, Scooter, RC Car Toys Really wants a bike Books Tech Gadgets
152 Luke Wegener Family 13 Male Adult XL Nintendo toys Board games Nerf gun Video games Aliens/space
153 Athziri 14 Female Target Gift Card Amazon Gift Card Sephora gift card
154 Gaby 15 Female Amazon gift card Target gift card Movie theater tickets
155 Brianna Fabry Family 2 Female 4T Cocina Libros con música Muñecas con canto Cocina Arte
156 Daniel Davitte Family 8 Male L Scooter con luces Pelota Tenis #5 oh 5 y medio Suéteres L Sapatos de soccer y libros para leer
157 José Davitte Family 1 mes Male 6 meses a 12 meses Ropa de bb de 6 a 12 meses Pañales Wipes Targeta de regalo
158 David Lookout Health 7 Male Talla 5 oh 6 Ropa Tenis Suéter Scooter con luces Una tarjeta
159 Aaliyah Lookout Health 3 Female 5T Toys Books Arts and crafts Art Toys
160 Marcelo Lookout Health 5 Male Small iPad Video games Electronics Toys Video games
161 Astrid Lookout Health 9 Female 12 Juguete Tarjeta Ropa Tenis size 2
162 Jeremy Lookout Health 6 Male 7T Pokemon cards Games for ps4 Clothes Painting Drawing
163 Jayson T. Carpenter 2 Male 3T Balls Trucks constructions Shoes Toys
164 Bradley Cicibrk Family 5 anos Male 6 años Ropa de frío talla 6 Zapatos #11 Juguetes súper erues Ropa de frío Zapatos
165 Brayden Kevin B 1 ano Male Talla 18 meses o 2t Ropa de frío Juguetes Suéter 2t Sueter2t Pijamas
166 Maritza Kevin B 15 Female 7 jeans m shirt Audifonos Ropa Zapatoa Todo se uso diario
167 Carlos Kevin B 8 Male 8 Video games Gift cards iPad iPad Gift cars
168 Julius Kevin B 11 Male 14 Roblox games Shoes 6 Arts and crafts Soccer stuff Scooter
169 Galilea Kevin B 4 Female 7 LOL dolls Scooter Doll house Shoes 11 Arts and crafts girls
170 Damian Kevin B 4 Male 5T Toys iPad Electric cars Ipad Gift course
171 Kendra Kevin B 10 Female 10 Gift cards Bratz Bike Gift cards Painting
172 Ashlynn Kevin B 9 años Female Un peluche Lols
173 Yakelin Kevin B 7 Female Size 12 Muńecas Pinturas bike
174 Aithana Kevin B 4 years old Female 6T Clothing Toys Shoes Toys Clothing
175 Kimberlin Kevin B 4 Female Size 5 Barbys Bike Plastilina
176 Nancy Kevin B 14 Female M Clothing Toy’s Shoes
177 Dania Kevin B 8 años Female SQUISHMALLOW Mini brand fodie Slime
178 Sonia Kevin B 7 años Female Cute notebook Bracelet set Mini brand fashion
179 Dariana Kevin B 14 Female 18 pantalon Ropa pinturas Un enchinado de pelo Paea hacer pulseras Ropa Pinturas
180 Teresa Kevin B 12 Female 16 pantalon y Lx camisa Ropa Pinturas Perfumes o una targeta Ropa Targeta de regalo
181 sebastian Kevin B 12 Male 20 sudadera negra pants chamarra sport
182 Dominic Kevin B 6 Male T6 Moto Carro control remoto Tennis Juguetes Zapatos
183 Mia Kevin B 3 Female T3 Muñeco cocomelon Barbie Perrito Juguetes
184 Damian Kevin B 6 Male Small, 7 slim Hot Wheels obstacle course Targets with/out bow and arrow Puzzles Sharks Spongebob Squarepants
185 Wayne Kevin B 9 Male Medium, 8 slim Board games Scooter Pokemon Video Games Sports
186 Nathaly 3 años y medio Female Talla 6 Bicicleta Casita de juguete Brincolin inflable Zapatos talla 9 o 10 Ropa
187 Jakelin 15 Female Targeta Targeta
188 Yanet 11 Female 10 Ropa Zapatos Juguete Si Si
189 Xiclalic 9 Female 8,9 Zapatos Ropa Juguete Si Si
190 Gerardo 6 Male 5,6 Zapatos Ropa Juguetes Si Si
191 Nelida 10 Female Leggins, blouses zise 12, jacket 14 and shoes #3 Art and crafts to draw Bicycle Twin bed set Twin bed set (Color pink) Bicycle!
192 Jakelin 15 Female Jeans,9 or short, M Jaír straightener Curling iron Ropa Si Si
193 Aliah 3 Female Bottoms zise 5, jacket zise 6 and shoes zise 9 Kitchen toys set Bicycle Twin bed set (color blue) Bicycle Twin bed set please and thank you.!
194 Billy 12 Male Bottoms zisel 12, jacket zise 14 Cloths Tablet for homework Scooter Tablet Scooter
195 Paulina 15 Female Adult medium Gift card Jackets AirPods Tennis Painting
196 Pedro 13 Male Adults medium Gift card Nerf gun Gel blaster Boxing Football
197 Neddy 12 Male Bottoms zise 12, jacket zise 14 Cloths Tablet Magnet or draw art and crafts Tablet Magnet or draw arts and crafts
198 Sabrina 14 Female Large Paint & paint brushes Family games Scooter Art Baking
199 Daniel 8 años Male L Unos tenis #5 oh 5 y medio Sudaderas zise l Un scooder con luz Una pelota Tarjeta de regalo
200 José Un mes Male 3 a 6 meses oh 6 a 12 meses Cobijita Wipes Pañales #2 Tarjeta de regalo
201 Justin 10 Male 10 o mediano Legos Pokemon cards Jel blaster
202 David 4 Male Talla 4 o small Dinosauros Plastilina Carros de policia o bombero.
203 Ashlynn 9 Female Peluche Kids camera Sorprendeme Tikduck flying orb balls toys Kids smart watch
204 Dylan 4 años Male Kids camera Kids Smart watch Car control Carro Soccer ball
205 Catalina 4 Female Didactico para pintar legos jueguetes
206 Leonel 6 meses Male jueguetes
207 Mariana 15 Female Small Art supplies Shoes 8.5 women Target makeup Dance/sing Write/paint
208 Ariana 13 Female Medium size Make up Acrylic nails Headphones Love make videos Sing/dance
209 Joshua 13 Male Medium Video game Basketball ball Pijamas s men size PlayStation Basketball
210 Alice 4 Female 4T Juguetes de cocina Muñecas de encanto Juegos de cocina Minnie mause Cocina
211 Pricila 10 Female 12 Bisicleta Gift card LOL dolls Asesoris para el pelo A ipad
212 Carlos 8 Male 8 iPad Soccer balls gift cards Soccer Soccer gear
213 Aliyah Menlo Fire Prevention 1 Female 1-2T Doll Tiny Kitchen Squishmallow Loves squishmallows
214 Raul Menlo Fire Prevention 3 Male 3-4T Anything Toy Story Outside cars Trucks Loves Toy Story Anything for a child w autism
215 Mateo Menlo Fire Prevention 11 Male Medium/Large in kids Lego sets Anything Dragonball Z Gaming equipment Loves gaming (pc, nintendo switch etc.)
216 Melissa Menlo Fire Prevention 14 Female XS-Small Anything Minnie Mouse Gift Cards to Sephora Make up/ Hair care Loves beauty and hair care Loves anything Disney especially Minnie Mouse
217 Christopher 4 months Male 6-9 months Baby toys Gift card Baby toys
218 Marco 11 Male 10-12 Gift card or xbox gift card Soccer stuff Vans shoes Soccer Science
219 Joycelin 12 Female 0, xs gift card (target) Art stuff Bracelets Art
220 Jayden 4 Male 5t Paw patrol toys Dinosaur toys Toy story Clothes Toys
221 Keily 7 Female 8-10 Doll Stuffed animal Girl toy Doll Ball
222 Julianna 3 Female 4t Baby doll Peppa pig toys Baby stroller toy Cocomelon Clothes
223 Sandy 14 Female Blusas mediana y pantalon #2 sueter mediano Targeta de regalo Bisicleta Cosmeticos Plancha para el y secadora Libros
224 Erick 7 Male 8 Coloring book, colrs Experiment toys Squish Roblox Minecraft
225 David 5 Male 7 Juguete y ropa
226 Yenifer 15 Female M de adulto Targeta ropa
227 Blue 5 Female 6 Pretend make up set Dolls with accessories Coloring bools Elsa and Anna Playing dress up
228 Kevin 2 Male 3 or 4 Learning toys Light up toys Remote control toy’s Cars n trucks Musical toys
229 Leonardo 2 Male 3t Caritos Bisicleta Una mesa para niños Jugete de el onbre araña Motos de jugete
230 Anthony 1 Male 2T Size 6 Shoes Clothes 2T Toys Clothes Shoes
231 Daniela 10 Female 12-14 Size 4 1/2 shoes Clothes 12-14 Laptop Shoes Clothes
232 Liam 5 Male 6 Carros Muñecos Ropa
233 Mateo 8 Male 9 Carros Muñecos Ropa
234 Yazmin 7 años Female De 7 años Zapatos zise 12 o 13 Ropa de 7 años vestidos Targeta para comprar comida Vestidos y zapatos Targetas
235 Isabella 5 años Female Ropa de 5 o 6 años Ropa Vestidos de 5 o 6 años Zapatos del 11 size Targetas para comprar comida Ropa y zapatos Targeta para comprar comida muchas gracias
236 Yahir 15 Male Playera L pantalón 34-34 Tarjeta de regalo para ropa Tarjeta de regalo Videojuegos Tarjeta de regalo Ropa
237 Gael 14 Male Playera l pantalón 34-34 Ropa Tarjeta de regalo Pelota de fútbol Ropa Tarjeta de regalo
238 Kevin 19 Male Playera L pantalón 34-34 Ropa Tarjeta de regalo Pelota de baloncesto Tarjeta de regalo Ropa
239 Yasmin 15 Female Makeup Gift cards Headphones Skin care Makeup
240 Fabiola 13 Female Gift cards Makeup Bracelets Gift cards Makeup
241 Ana 10 Female Size 12 Gift cards Slime
242 Jorge 7 Male Size 14 Shoes size 4 Gift cards Police toy cars
243 Jimmy 9 Male 10-12 Shoes 3y wwe toys Legos Roblox Basketball
244 Mai 15 Female Xs in tops Visa gift card Fuzzy socks Jewelry Makeup N/a
245 Emmanuel 5 Male 6 Bicicleta Herramienta Súper héroes Comida Monster trucks
246 Michelle 9 años Female Zapatos talla 4 Suéter talla s Tarjetas Comida Tarjetas
247 Stephanie 7 Female Zapatos talla 2 Suéter talla 8 Tarjetas Tarjetas Comida
248 Ximena 17 Female Zapatos 6 Suéter L Tarjetas Comida Tarjetas
249 Emma 18 meses Female 3 T Legos Cloth Doll
250 Elena 13 Female Size M de adulto size de zapatos 8 Zapatos Ropa Gift card
251 Alejandra 10 Female S de adulto Tenis,size 3 Bicicleta Gift car Bicicleta
252 Vanessa 10 Female S de adulto Tenis size # 4 Ropa size S de adulto Gift card Zapatos LEGOs
253 Teresa 12 Female L de adulto Zapatos, size 8 Gift car Ropa talla L Tenis zise 8 Chamarra L
254 Lui angel 6 years Male 6th Carro de control Vicicleta con casco ⛑️ y rodiyeras Un videojuego 🎮 Una consola 🎮 de videojuego Vicicleta
255 Génesis Andrea 3 years Female 3t Muñecas grandes Vicicleta con casco Rompe cabezas de princesas Bicicleta con casco Carrito de nieves para niña de juguete 🧸
256 Alexander 1 year Male 2t Pelota de futbol Un triciclo Carros de juguete Ropa de 2t mamelucos conjuntos completos para el frío Zapatos tenis y pantunflas size 7 de Bebe
257 Liz 14 Female M Vicicleta con casco Vicicleta con casco
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560 Gracie 11 Female 12 Art supplies Shoes vans size 4 Jackets Board Games iPad
561 Leilani 5 Female 7 Lol surprise dolls Magic mixie Art and crafts Coloring Board games
562 Liam 10 month Male 2t Vtech drop and go dump truck Fisher price laugh & learn 4-1 game experience Bright stars 4 ways to play walker
563 Giovanni 9 Male 10 iPad Monster trucks Board game Roblox Drawing
564 Isaac 8 Male Size 8 Trenes Carros Legos
565 Daniel 3 Male Talla 5 Trenes Carros Legos Thomas
566 Astrid 2 Female 2 Legos Muñecas Carros
567 Eliseo 5 Male 6 Cars Transformers Coloring supplies Cars Dinosours
568 Jennifer Aixa 16 Female Large for shirts Watercolors Watercolor paper Art supplies Watercolors Watercolor paper
569 Alejandra 14 Female Large for shirts Teddy bear Rings Romancé Books Teddy bear Romancé Book
570 Michaela 4 Female Ropa Munecas Juguetes cocina Vestido Mágico para coloréar juego de aprendisaje
571 Angel 7 Male 6 Legos Gift cards Cars Clothing Shoes
572 Evelyn 11 Female Dolls Doll house Gift cards Shoes- size 4 Blankets
573 Alfonzo 14 Male XL Sweatpants Tshirts (xxL) Sweater (L) Pants Sweater
574 Michaela 4 Female Ropa Muñecas Juguete de cocina Vestido Mágico para colórear ao aprendizaje
575 Sheyla 10 Female Small 6/7 Leggings Shirts Socks Shoes size 2 Leggings
576 Alejandra 15 Female Small teenager Leggings Sweaters Gift card Gift card Leggings
577 Christopher 12 Male Small Jeans Sweatpants Shirts Jeans Sweatpants
578 Michelle 5 Female 3/4 Shirts Leggings, sweatpants Shoes size 1, socks Leggings Shoes
579 Aiden 3 Male 3t clothes toys books coloring/painting materials
580 mario 5 Male S sweaters sweatpants legos books
581 Raziel 12 Male Remote cars Toy guns nerth X box vidio game Drone remote control Airplane remote control
582 Heidi 7 Female Toy Cumputer Mini brands toys Pokemon cards Lol dolls Doll house
583 Nathalie 15 Female Large Baby Yoda toy/ stuffed animal Hoodie/ Sweatpants size L Makeup Board games Baby Yoda Pjs size L
584 Mia 12 Female 12-14 or M youth Skaters size 5 Prismacolor crayons and markers Ipad Art supplies Earbuds
585 Emma 16 months Female 18 to 24 monts Rocking horse Cocomelon Toys Tricycle Dolls Balls
586 Andrea 18 meses Female 2 años Triciclo Carriola Muñecas
587 Dulce 10 Female 12
588 Alejandra 12 Female Large Patin Cobijas Audífonos Audífonos Patin
589 Maria Magdalena 15 Female Large Audífonos Cobija Mochila Audífonos Patin
590 Jose 10 años Male Youth Large Bicycle Hot wheels/ Collectible Cars White Air forces size 3y White Air forces size 3y Bicycle
591 Melanie 9 Female Youth Large Electric Scooter Squishmellows Princess Funko Pops Electric Scooter Squishmellows
592 Mohokoi 6 Months Male 18Months-24 Months Baby Car with Remote Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas Vehicles with Track Baby Bumper Car Minions Marvel
593 Nicholas 12 Male large Legos Military action figures Sport balls football, basketball, soccer video games, roblox, bored games
594 Christopher 12 Male Large Action figures Legos Plushies Sports video games
595 Milan 8 Male medium Bayblades Soccer ball Nerf guns Sports Video games
596 Estrella 16 Female medium Legos Arts Crafts Pijamas Spider-man Blankets
597 Isabella 9 years Female Chills size 8-10 Child’s microscope Girls roller skates size 7 Warm, long winter coat girls size 10 Music Science
598 Camilla 2 Female 2T Musical toy Warm either coat size 2T Soft baby doll Music Animals
599 Katya 4 Female 5 o 6 Muñecas de LoL Ropa Patines Muñecas Ropa
600 Abigail 5 Female 5-6 Muñecas Ropa Casa de muñecas Muñeras Ropa
601 Owen 1 Male 18 meses Carrito montable Ropa Carritos Carro montable Ropa
602 Yareli 3 Female 3-4 Muñecas Patines Ropa Muñecas Ropa
603 Daniel 7 Male Sophia Lucia Colorings drawing kids make-up Soft baby doll educational toys
604 Aaron 6 Male Dinosaurs remote control cars Coral Goft card
605 Jose 5 Female 8/10 Toy Clothes Shoes Toy Toy
606 Clarissa 5 Female Toy Clothes Shoes Shoes Clothes
607 Sayra 14 Female Gift card Coloring watching Disney movies
608 Jose 13 Male M Clothes Shoes Shoes Toys Clothes
609 Jonathan 14 Male Shirt medium pants 29w 31L Bike Ear phones Legos Robotics Electronics
610 Jose 13 Male Shirt large, pants 34w, 31 L Skates Basketball Head phones Hiking Playing basketball
611 Andre 4 Male Size 5 shirt and pants Legos Books Toys Gymnastics Playing with cars
612 Linette 10 Female Size 10 shirt and pants Bike Skates Slime Arts and crafts Making necklaces and bracelets
613 Anthony 16 Male Shirt Medium pants 34w 30 L Soccer ball Football Weights Exercising Playing soccer
614 Melanie 5 Female Shirt 7 pants 7 Bike Barbie house Bunny Barbies, plush soft animals Toys
615 Melania 1 Female 12months Baby books Toys for babies Listening to mom read Playing with toys
616 Emely 4 Female Size 6 Cat Bike Knitintic magic sand Papa troll, pika-chu Baby shark
617 Ximena 1 Female 24 months Diapers, wipes Playpen Baby toys Bottles Music
618 Mariana 10 Female Doll Lego Mini Brands Princeses Cats
619 Delilah 14 Female 7jeans large shirts Beats, speaker AirPods Brushes &eyelashes Makeup Soccer
620 Saul Alejandro 11 Male Mediano adulto Lo q uds puedan regalarme a mis hijos
621 Raul Abraham 14 Male Xl adulto Lo q uds quieren odsequiarle a mi hijo
622 Génesis 11 Female Gift card Porcelain doll Coloring pencils Coloring Porcelain doll collection
623 David 13 Male Gift card Dash camera Sports Exploring the sky
624 Itzel jaslin Isabella jaziel 14,12,4,1 Female Toys Makeup Clothes Toys Gift card
625 Jorge 15 Male XL clothes XL Shoes 10 playstation three accessories Video Games Bikes
626 Jaclyn 13 Female Womans xl shoe size: woman 9 Speaker shoes Makeup Make up Music
627 Jordan 9 Male Size L shoes size: 3 Games Scooter/skates toys Pokemon Science
628 Emmanuel 5 Male Size S Shoe Size: 1 Toys Blanket Scooter Pokemon Roblox/video games
629 Gabriel 10 Male card for games bike card for target to buy books reading sports or playing video games
630 Diana 15 Female gift card for anything books gift card for maybe target playing sports shopping for face products
631 Alisson 16 Female M Sleepers Hotties Sports pans Purse
632 Octavio 17 Male Large Gift card Boxing Board games 1 2
633 Jorge 13 Male Soccer Legos Gift cards
634 Deybid 20 Male M Sleepers
635 Jonathan 8 Male Remote car Legos Scooter
636 Sophie 4 años Female Size 7 Bicicleta Muñeca Cualquier juguete Gracias
637 Sammy 3 meses Male Size 12 meses Ropa Size 9 a 12 meses Peluches Juguetes
638 Mark 17 Male Large Shoes size 9 Clothes size L Jackets Perfume Sneakers size 9
639 Sophia 10 Female Size medium Barbies Leggings/shorts/shirts/skirts Jacket Chapter books/series books/ realistic fictional books Tablet
640 Carlos Isaiah 4 Male Size5 Pajamas pj mask character/spider man/ mickey mouse Pj mask toys Shoes size 9 Pants size 5 Play doh set/ coloring books
641 Sunshine 8 Female 9 Shoes size 10 Back pack Leggings size 10 Barbies Clothes
642 April Dianne 9 Female 10 Shoes size 11 Back pack Barbies/ books Clothes size medium Leggings size 10
643 Pablo 14 Male Small Adult Shirts/Sweaters 30X32 pants Swaeter Shirts Jeans Video Games Football/Sports
644 Keiry 5 años Female 6 T Muñecas Juguetes inteligentes Pelota Rompe cabezas Carrito
645 Sharon 3 meses Female 6 meses Muñecas Juguete de bebe Distraccion para bebe Aprendisaje, habla Objetos que descubir o tocar
646 Leonardo 10 Male XL children sweaters and shirts. 14×16 pants. Shirts Sweaters Pants/Jeans Roblox YouTube and Games
647 Alexis 12 Male Mediano Juguetes Ropa Balon de futbol Legos Deporte
648 Samantha 5 Female Talla 6 Juguete de peluche Ropa Muñecas Juguetes de aprendizaje Muñeca de encanto
649 Yaretzi 13 Female Jr size Medium Arts and crafts Legos/puzzles Jewlery Arts and crafts Building things
650 Yuliana 11 Female Jr size Medium Jewelry Basketball Stuffed animals Sports Arts and crafts
651 Itzayana 7 Female 7 Dolls Control car Jewlery makers Play outside Drawing
652 Delayla 1 Female 24months Learning toys 24 month and over toys 24 month clothes Knocking down toys Peek a boo
653 Mateo 11 Male 12-14 Legos Pokémon Plushies Nintendo switch games Drawing Reading
654 Sofia 6 Female 10-12 Play-doh Arts and crafts Ryan toys Drawing Reading
655 Melanie 5 años Female 7 o 8 toddler Piano Mi litle pony Muñeca barbie Prices Scooter
656 Valeria 2 años Female 3T Scooter Cocomelon Pony Triciclo Muñecas
657 Katherine 8 Female Medium Barbies play set Clothes Shoes size 12 wide Lol surprise Barbies dollhouse
658 Xavier 10 Male Meduim Shoes size 13 Clothes/pants Pokemon toys Pokemon cards Pokemon blanket
659 Priscilla 10 Female 10 Electronics Legos Coat/jacket Tablet Books
660 Jessy 9 Male 10 Electronics Legos Jacket Video games Tablets
661 Bryan 4 Male 5 Electronics Leap Frog book Legos Super heroes (Spider-Man) Cars
662 Adrian 4 Male T5 Legos Scooter Rollerblades size 11 Spider-Man PJMASKS heroes of the night
663 Valeria 8 Female 10-12 Muñeca bebé Reborn Pinturas para colorear Libros (cuentos) Muñeca bebé Reborn
664 Ashley 15 Female M/L Gift cards. Target/visa/ barns and noobles Makeup Books romance/ mystery she loves makeup and like fashion She loves reading Colleen Hoover
665 Mia 11 Female M/L Jewelry Makeup Gift cards She loves doing her makeup she loves jewelry
666 Angelique 9 Female Large adult Clothes Shoes Blanket Clothes Shoes
667 Joshua 7 Male 18-20 in teenage Toys Clothes Shoes Toys Clothes
668 Nathalia 1 Female 2 Whisper ride pink Bebes Reborn Niñas silicona from amazon Learning games To play To ride
669 Alejandro 13 Male Bike Clippers Roller skates Soccer Video games
670 Janeth 6 Female 6T Cry baby Accesorios y pintura para maquillaje Trastesitos
671 Alexa 6 Female 8-10 Ropa y zapatos Barbies muñecas Libros para pintar Scuter , patín , bici Mochila
672 Uriel 11 Male 12-14 size Libros Gift car Zapatos,chámarras Balón basketball Scouter, patín
673 Dante 6 Male 6-7 Legos Hot wheels Jurassic world Legos Starwars Dinosaurs
674 Laila 4 Female 5t Princesas Bebes LoL Disney Duplo frozen
675 Andres 11 Male 12-14 Lego Games for Nintendo switch Shoes size 5 Lego Pokémon Game Pokémon
676 Raphaela 5 Female Zice 6 Muñeca Barbie con su carro Zapatos talla 9 Muñecas Ropa talla 6
677 Melanie 11 Female Size 12/14 shoes size 4 Play station Bike Headphones Bike Play station
678 Luciana 15 Female Size xs y shoes size 7 Laptop Bike Headphones Bike Laptop
679 Facundo 6 Male 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
680 Liam 1 Male 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
681 Facundo 6 Male 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
682 Liam 1 Male 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
683 Derek 1 año Male Size 3T Una cocina de juguete Una refrigeradora de juguete Una mesa y sillas para que pinte Pañales talla 6 Una cómoda para su ropa color blanco
684 Melannie 12 Female Small Pinturas para colorear Sueter Zapatos size 8.5 Ropa Zapatos
685 Isabella 10 Female Munecas LOL Doll Lol doll Chamarra Para pintar LOL DOLL Chamarra
686 Alyssa 9 Female Ropa pants 10 anos Pants size 10 Monkey de peluche Muneca Pants Muneca
687 Fernando 8 Male
688 Daniela 5 Female
689 Sofia 2años Female 2t Juguetes de Micky Mousse Carro de Mecky Mousse Cosina de Micky mosse
690 Joseph 9años Male 14 adolescente Bisicletas de moto Legos Pistolas de juegos
691 Jaquelin 14 Female Grande de adulto Legos Monas de lalalupci Casitas de lalalupcy Legos
692 Amaya 5 Female 6 Lego Casa de barbie Pinturas Arte Casa de muñeca
693 Maria 13 Female S Arte Clores crayines Pinturas para arte Legos Arte
694 Gustavo 14 Male Medium for shirt 32 by 32 for pants Gel blaster Medium black pro club zip up hoodie Black horseshoe true religion belt Gel blaster Small pro club cargo sweats
695 Osvaldo 11 Male Madiano Toys power rangers Tenis 8 large Cámara fotos
696 Alondra 7 Female 9 Tenias 4 Barbie doll Ropa 8
697 Kailani 10 months Female 12-18 months Push around buggyb CoComelon My First Sing-Along Boombox Cocomelon clothing Cocomelon Toys
698 Magaly 8años Female Talla 12 Ropa Muñecas Juguetes
699 Melanie 8años Female Talla 12 Ropa Juguetes Ropa
700 Gabriela 2 Female 4 Cocina Cocomelon toys Muñeca Libros Bloques
701 Isabella 5 Female 6 Casa de muñeca Muñecas encanto Lego Libros Juego de mesa
702 Camila 14 Female S Nintendo switch Bicicleta Lego Libros Juego de mesa
703 Jeymy 8 Female Shoe is size 1 and cloth is for 8 year olds Vans Barbies Mini brands Mini brands Vans
704 Kailani 10 months Female 12-18 months Cocomelon sing along boombox Cocomelon cloth Buggy Cocomelon Cloths
705 Bryan 4 Male 5T Spiderman toy Clothes 5T Monster trucks
706 Hiram 7 years Male T-shirt 8 jeans 8 Transformers Bunblebee Sonic the Hedgehog touchscreen blebley toys Sonic Transformers
707 Belen 2 Female 24 months 2t Dolls Clothes
708 Hélio 5 Male 7 PlayStation 5 Lego ninja Bike God bless you God bless you
709 Bella 2 Female 5 to 6 Toys Clothing Jacket Toys Shoes
710 Helena 2 Female 4 or 5 Bike Lego Doll God bless you God bless you
711 Jordan 11 Male 12 Clothing
712 Sara 2 Female 4 clothes clothes doll God bless you God bless you
713 Rafaela Babcock Family 6 months Female 1 y clothes clothes Doll God bless you God bless you
714 Alondra Babcock Family 17 Female Small Barns and novels gift card Shoes Beauty Clothes Accessories
715 Kristopher Babcock Family 13 Male Small/medium Video games Shoes Clothes Animade Scooter
716 Mykael Babcock Family 11 Male Small youth Video games Shoes Scooter Football Clothes

Without the full support of program participants like you the Association’s Annual toy and Food drive would not be possible. On behalf of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District and the Menlo Park Firefighters’ Association I thank you for making this year a success.  Please remember to stay safe.