Rebuilding Together, formerly known as “Christmas in April,” began in Midland, Texas in 1973 when a few generous people decided to devote one day to help some neighbors in need. The program acquired its name when one early homeowner exclaimed: “Why, this is just like Christmas…in April!”
In 1983 a Washington D.C.-based newspaper reporter covered the Midland program and published a catalyzing article that led to an outpouring of support to replicate the program there. A national program was launched in 1988 as Christmas in April USA. Twelve years later, the board of directors decided to change the name to Rebuilding Together to increase awareness of the organization’s year-round efforts. Today, Rebuilding Together revitalizes communities from 955 cities and towns throughout 50 states with more than 232 affiliates nationwide.

Rebuilding Together Peninsula was founded in 1989 under the leadership of both the Junior League of the Mid Peninsula and Palo Alto and a community-based advisory board. The first National Rebuilding Day was completed in April 1990 when 500 volunteers renovated 18 homes and community facilities.